Wood Floor Service in Jacksonville

If you’re like many busy residents of the Jacksonville area, you work hard to keep your hardwood floors looking new and yet, it never seems to be enough. Scuff marks, streaking, discoloration, they’re facts of life, but they’re so hard to accept! Dirt, dust, and foot traffic can leave you feeling like the only answer is to refinish your floors, which is an expensive service. Well, don’t despair homeowners: Bold City Carpet Care here in Jacksonville can clean, buff, and polish your floors in such a way that you won’t mind waiting for that refinishing. You’ll love the fact that the job can be done at a fraction of the cost of refinishing too! When you maintain your hardwood with Bold City, your floors will have a lasting protective coat, which is your first line of defense against wear and tear! Book an appointment now!

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We will gladly walk you through any necessary procedures that you can do yourself. There are times and situations when it is more appropriate for a trained professional to perform certain delicate procedures. We will be glad to assist you in those cases and answer any questions.

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